A business whose aim is to save you money by managing your most valuable and expensive asset: your Workforce.

Nextra is available as an Enterprise solution - 250 users upwards with bespoke T&A rules, or Nextra Standard from £12.50 pupm up to 100 users

Workforce Management

Absence Management

Absence can be disruptive to any organisation. Nextra helps reduce the impact of planned and unplanned absence

Demand Rostering

This module provides a user friendly and customisable application that has a wide range of features such as shift patterns, absences, budget information and much more

Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance module includes a wide range of facilities for current and historical management.


Nextra was originally founded in November 2000

The company was originally formed to create the Platform Bee application engine that all our solutions are based on. This technology allows us to develop solutions up to ten times faster than using conventional software coding whilst still maintaining excellent upgradability and security.

We recognised around 2004 that our technology was particularly suited to Human Resource Management due to its ability to model complex business and contractual rules

whilst still maintaining a single code-base to make upgrades easy. With this decision in place, we won our first major client in 2005 and built from there. In parallel to developing direct clients, we also started to work with other software developers that produced complimentary technologies and created interfaces into a number of market-leading software vendors such as Available 4 and Advanced

What Our Clients Say


To reduce staff costs by up to 27%

30,000+ Staff every day

Nextra processes T&A, HR, Clocking, Rotas and Payroll for more than 30,000 staff every day.


Nextra systems typically pay for themselves in the first year of operation due to the reduction in T&A errors.


Nextra systems can be accessed from anywhere and massively reduce the management overhead associated with T&A processes.