Redefine what’s possible

Nextra can manage all aspects of WFM which includes Time & Attendance, Rostering, HR, Self Service, Demand Rostering, Payroll, Clocking, and much more.

Time & Attendance

Keep track of hours worked, breaks and overtime with ease

Electronic Rostering

Nextra’s forecasting engine uses elaborate algorithms that can learn from history, predict future requirements events with precision.

To reduce staff costs by up to 27%


Years of Experience

We provide an unparalleled software platform that will meet and exceed your expectations when it comes to the management of your employees.

Staff proceed everyday

Nextra processes T&A, HR, Clock ins, Rotas, and Payroll for some of the UK's Top 100 companies

Platforms & Apps

We help companies tackle their most ambitious projects and build new capabilities.

Redefine what’s possible, give shape to the future — and get there

We work closely with our customers to ensure that their business needs are met. With the successful roll-out of a project, we continue to work with you monitoring your requirements, and will actively refine your system. Book a discovery call today and let Nextra streamline your Work Force Management.

Microsoft Outlook

Connect to Microsoft Outlook for a native app feel.

iCal &
Google Calendar

We integrate with
iCal and Google Calendar

Connects seamlessly to your apps

Make your integrations between your favorite apps seamless. We connect directly with calendars and payroll systems. We have open API’s to integrate with ERP and ESR systems.  

Calendar Integration

Make your daily rosters, and absence activities like booking holidays, events and meetings run smoother with external shared calendars.

Not sure where to start? Let’s book a discovery call today. We’ll work with you to build and implement the perfect solution for your business.

Whether you already have an implementation in mind or are just getting started, our technology experts focus on your business goals.

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