The reports generated by Nextra simplify the processes of workforce management and decision-making, enabling you to save a great deal of time and money. Nextra allows you to create reports that meet your specific needs and goals, helping you to overcome many of the challenges that workforce management can present.

Make better, more informed decisions

With Nextra, reports can be created to fit all your needs. Nextra can generate standard reports which can be used to create more detailed customised reports. A number of report-making capabilities have been built into Nextra, enabling managers to make better decisions based on the detailed information available to them.

This software can be customised to meet exactly what your organisation requires and is ideal for those seeking a tailor-made solution to help them manage and make sense of their data. The reports generated by the software can show you where your resources are going, how well your employees are performing and if there are any areas in which improvements could be made.

See the bigger picture

Hours Reports help you keep track of how much time your team members are working, whilst Budget vs Cost reports show you how well your organisation is performing financially. Data generated by the software can be exported to Excel. The software can also produce graphs to make your data simpler to understand. Our report software is designed to help you keep your operations running smoothly, cut down on waste, make smarter designs and gain a clearer understanding of what’s happening within your business right now.

Key features of our Reports software:

  • Various reports and analyses are incorporated into the solution. These include deployment summary, employees’ performance, resource utilisation, and resource ‘dead time’
  • These reports allow management to make better-informed decisions to improve working practices and optimise workforce efficiency
  • Reports are to be confirmed but include Hours Reports, Roster Comparison reports as well as Budget vs Cost reports per event and per department/cost centre
  • Powerful custom-built reports to provide tailored management information based on specific requirements
  • The solution also enables you to export to Excel and offers graphing capability for professional-looking reports

Why choose Nextra for report generation software?

There are many great reasons for choosing Nextra when you need access to report generation software. We offer a market-leading software platform that’s been fine-tuned to not only meet but beat your expectations when it comes to workforce management. We have an exceptional track record when it comes to enabling our clients to tackle their most challenging projects and build new capabilities.

At Nextra, we offer bespoke services to ensure that your specific needs are met. Once we have rolled out a solution to you, we’ll continue working with you to ensure that it is meeting your requirements, making refinements whenever necessary. Why not book a demo today?>

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