Skills management software has a host of benefits to offer organisations from all kinds of sectors. It makes it easier for you to track, identify and utilise your employees’ skills to ensure all the right talent is in the right place.

It helps businesses to quickly adapt to changing needs and helps you to identify skills gaps and offer suitable training opportunities to get the best out of your workforce. By improving the visibility of your employees’ skills, skills management software can improve decision-making and help you build a high-performing team.

It’s vital that companies have strategies in place when it comes to skills management. This ensures they’re hiring the right staff with the most essential skills. Skills management software can assist with this and also ensure you remain compliant with industry standards.

Not an off-the-shelf solution!

Improve efficiency and remain compliant

Whether you need the right staff to care for patients, operate heavy machinery or provide customer support, Nextra can help you manage this. Our skills management software is designed to ensure roles are filled with the right people, with the right experience, at the right time. This is not only great for compliance but can also help you improve your customer satisfaction and customer service standards.

Nextra gives you all the tools that you need for skills management, helping you ensure that each rota you generate is compliant. It can help you group formal, informal and organisational skills and qualifications together so the right skills are assigned to the right duties. Whenever a rota is published, our software can run all the necessary checks in the background to protect skills-based compliance and help you adhere to all relevant rules and regulations.

Make the most of your team’s skills

It’s essential to gain a deep understanding of the skills your workforce has to offer. Nextra can show you the skills that you possess as well as the ones you need. It will also give you full visibility of skills that are about to expire to ensure shortfalls are clearly visible. It can also provide you with alerts when retraining needs to be booked and makes it simple to update skills to prevent workforce disruption and avoid delivering substandard services.

Keeping up with changes

Business requirements can change in no time at all. In order to meet them, you must have a skills-based strategy in place. Our skills management system automatically identifies employee availability, expected attendance and relevant skills. It’s been fine-tuned to help you get the right people in the right places at the right time, whilst helping you to save on overtime as well as the expense of temporary staff.

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