Navigating our virtual terminal on a tablet or mobile device is a seamless and user-friendly experience that ensures efficient staff management. Employees can clock in and out with ease using their assigned PIN numbers which are conveniently set and managed via a module within Nextra to give you centralised control and customisation.

How our virtual terminal works

Once an employee has clocked-in, a confirmation greeting appears on their screen to acknowledge their successful time entry. If a PIN is entered incorrectly, a visual warning is generated so employees can re-enter their credentials. This feature enhances security and accuracy to ensure time records remain consistently reliable.

The benefits of using a virtual terminal aren’t just about individual clock-ins. The management module enables supervisors and administrators to view and approve each entry before payroll submission. This ensures that all clock-ins align with company policies and standards, mitigating the risk of payroll errors.

The HR Administrator module

The HR Administrator module in Nextra is a centralised hub that enables HR professionals to set, update or modify PIN numbers whenever necessary. This not only simplifies the process but also enhances security. Another key benefit of the visual terminal’s confirmation greeting is that it reminds employees of the importance of accurate timekeeping and promotes a culture of punctuality within your business.

Protect accuracy and rectify errors swiftly

The visual warning that’s generated when PIN codes are generated incorrectly will protect your business from potential misuse and unauthorised clock-ins. It ensures that each entry is a legitimate one and also ensures errors are rectified quickly to ensure time and attendance records remain accurate.

The management module provides supervisors with a complete overview of all clock-ins so they can easily review and approve entries. This streamlines the payroll process and ensures any mistakes are quickly rectified before they are able to impact payroll accuracy.

Our virtual terminal gives you a robust time and attendance management solution. It has been designed to boost your security standards and protect accuracy to keep disputes to a minimum.

Key features

  • Using our Virtual terminal on a tablet or mobile device is simple
  • Staff can clock-in with their PIN number to start and finish their shifts
  • PIN numbers can be set via the HR Administrator module in Nextra
  • Once clocked in, a confirmation greeting is shown on the screen
  • A visual warning is generated when PINs are entered incorrectly
  • Clock-ins can then be viewed and approved in the Management module prior to payroll submission

Why choose Nextra for a first-class virtual terminal facility?

There are many great reasons for choosing Nextra when you require a virtual terminal facility. We have an outstanding track record when it comes to delivering solutions that streamline business operations and help our clients save time and money. We are proud to be a market leader when it comes to workforce management, rostering, and time and attendance solutions.

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