Nextra can be a transformative tool for your construction business. Over the years, we have worked with a wealth of clients from the construction industry to enable them to manage their workforce more effectively. Our software enables you to create construction jobs and projects quickly, with just a single click generating a weekly timesheet that you can easily adjust if required. Bonuses and overtime payments can be calculated within mere moments. Let’s take a closer look at Nextra for construction right now.

Invoice generation

Nextra enables you to generate invoices for your clients directly from your timesheet data. It also helps you manage pay and charge rates for manpower and equipment hire.

Efficient recruitment

The system also provides simple forms for recruiting staff and contractors. It offers various distance and skill-based search tools to help you source candidates. You can assign jobs to them with just a single click.

Time and Attendance

With Nextra, you can create accurate timesheets from clocking devices. Alternatively, managers can enter time data from their mobile devices. Nextra makes it easy to automatically identify unusual timesheet data so pay issues can quickly be prevented. It can be integrated with various payroll solutions

Absence management

Nextra also enables staff to request leave or lieu via various devices. Safe absence levels can also be determined to help staff choose the best time to request leave. The system can also provide automated leave approval if you require it alongside comprehensive management and reporting of all types of sickness and other types of absence. With Nextra, construction managers can maintain continuity in their projects, minimise disruptions and boost overall productivity.

Simple self-service

Nextra comes with a wealth of self-service tools for staff. These reduce the need to frequently ask managers for information. You can use Nextra to give staff the ability to book leave, manage lieu, download payslips, view their and their team’s rota, and mark their availability for overtime or extra shifts. This not only enhances communication within your team but also enables construction professionals to take charge of their schedules.


Nextra offers smart rostering to help you manage fluctuating work demands and ensure skilled personnel are available when and where they are most needed. This feature ensures that projects progress smoothly even when unforeseen challenges emerge.

Skills management

Construction projects often require a diverse set of skills. Our software helps you keep a comprehensive record of employee skills, certifications, and training. It ensures that the right skills are deployed for specific tasks.

HR management

Our HR management software provides a centralised database to help you organise and retrieve employee information including qualifications, contracts, and skills. This allows construction managers to make informed decisions.

Virtual terminal

Our virtual terminal facility ensures working hours are tracked accurately. Workers are assigned unique PINs whilst construction managers gain centralised control over attendance

4 on 4 off shift pattern



The software also comes with reporting capabilities that help construction managers to monitor trends and make informed decisions. Customised reports and insights enable your construction organisation to continually improve and help you plan more strategically.

By utilizing the power of Nextra, managers can rest assured knowing that their teams will have the right skills and availability when needed most!

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