Empower your employees and save time

What are the benefits of employee self-service scheduling? If you’re looking for a new and efficient way to help your employees manage their availability, schedule, and workload, our employee self-service facility is for you. Our software speeds up the amount of time that it takes to schedule employees. It enables employees to take control of their schedules and leave bookings, minimising the amount of administrative queries you need to deal with.

Here’s how it works

Employees have control of their own schedules and leave booking this helps reduce administrative queries and questions.

The employee and manager receive rapid notifications when changes/ requests have been implemented.

Better transparency

Our self-service software also creates greater transparency between managers and employees. This is thanks to the way that real-time notifications are generated as soon as changes and requests and made or accepted. This prevents miscommunication and disputes.

Greater communication

The facility makes manager-employee communication better as they both use the same system to communicate requests and changes. This ensures everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations around leave requests and scheduling changes. Real-time notifications ensure everyone involved in the process is fully up-to-date with what is happening regarding work rotas.

Key features of the self-service facility

  • Greater control for employees – changing personal details and opting in and out of messaging are simple
  • Appearance can be configured to meet your specific branding
  • Enhanced visibility of upcoming work for employees

The self-service app enables employees to

  • Request, review and monitor absence
  • View future rosters and makeshift swaps with other employees.
  • Notify managers of their availability for additional shifts
  • View past payslips
  • Upload documents
  • Make GDPR personal data requests
  • Make training requests

Self-service can be accessed from home, over the web, or via a staff room portal on the Intranet.

The employee self-service facility offers round-the-clock access to HR services. We can customise your solution to meet your specific needs and policies. This ensures your facility is scalable and adaptable as your business grows or changes. The facility also comes with analytics and reporting features which provide valuable insights. These allow you to track usage patterns, identify trends and make informed decisions.

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