Staff absence management

Our absence management software streamlines the tracking of employee leave, helping you maintain accurate records and process payroll efficiently.

When you opt for our staff absence management software, you receive real-time visibility and custom reporting features whilst reducing the administrative burden for your business. This helps you save time and therefore money. It can also help you enhance the employee experience and therefore boost workplace morale. Minimise the impact of absences on your organisation There are many factors you need to consider when you’re implementing an absence management policy. These include the types, frequency and severity of absences. Our absence management software enables you to track and manage absences and prevent absenteeism from becoming a problem. It can help you to automate the staff absence management process and enable you to quickly approve or deny holiday requests.

Manually tracking all data related to absence can be both difficult and time-consuming. However, our features can make everything much simpler.

Staff absence management is a process of tracking and managing employee absences.

The goal

The goal of Staff absence management is to minimize the impact of absences on an organization.

Time off-tracking

Nextra simplifies the process of tracking employee absences in a centralised location. Rather than manually updating all the information for each employee, Nextra does this on your behalf. It automatically tracks time off requests and absences across various projects. There is no need for managers to update anything manually or use different systems for different employees.

Holiday approvals

Nextra makes it easy for you to manage holiday approval processes. With Nextra, managers can see all pending holiday requests in one location, approving and rejecting them when required. As a result, managers can easily stay up to date with holiday requests, who has made them and when the time off is scheduled for without the need to enter data manually or review individual requests. It also ensures no team member is taking more holiday leave than they are entitled to or taking too many days off at once.

Shortfall management

Another key benefit of Nextra is that it supports shortfall management by giving you a clear overview of your current staffing levels across all your departments and teams. This means managers can easily see which areas are understaffed so they can swiftly put a solution in place. As a result, no department needs to encounter the errors and delays that can come with understaffing. Our integrated system ensures managers can quickly identify and overcome staffing issues.

Key benefits

  • Absences are addressed within the framework of your working arrangements, business rules, pay rules, and shift patterns including fixed, flexible, and rotating shifts.
  • Holiday approval can be automated or manually overridden
  • Simple management of all sickness, leave, and client-defined absence types and reasons
  • Reports available on all absences either by group, by individuals or by location as required
  • Our shortfall management software enables you to swiftly overcome resource gaps created by both long-term and short-term absence
  • All staff can view their own leave allowance, days taken, and remaining holiday balance

If you need an intuitive way to manage staff absence, holiday approvals and shortfall management processes more efficiently than ever before, we can help. Let Nextra take away the hassle of dealing with these tasks so you can focus on running your business more effectively.

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