Nextra offers a wide range of benefits to companies and organisations based in the healthcare industry. It enables healthcare professionals to save a great deal of time and money whilst making workforce management much simpler.

Let’s take a look at how Nextra can benefit your medical or healthcare organisation right now.

Healthcare Workforce Software

Time and attendance

Time and attendance tracking is critical within the healthcare sector. It’s vital to have a robust system in place that can ensure accuracy. Nextra can help you track shifts and overtime to ensure payroll is accurate and labour laws are complied with. The software reduces administrative headaches and creates more time for patient care.

Employee self-service

Nextra also enables staff to manage their own shifts, create leave requests and update their personal information. It can improve communication and allow healthcare professionals to focus on the well-being of their patients.

Absence management

In the healthcare industry, unexpected absences can disrupt schedules and impact patient care. Our software makes it easier to handle these situations and ensure quality patient care can continue.


Rostering and overtime demand rostering are highly beneficial for healthcare organisations dealing with fluctuating patient numbers and emergencies. Smart rostering ensures that the right skills are available when you need them the most, helping you optimise staff deployment and improving the overall efficiency of your organisation.

Skills management

Skills management is also essential when it comes to healthcare. The healthcare industry requires a diverse range of skills. The software can help you keep a comprehensive record of employee skills, certifications and training. This helps you to ensure the right staff are deployed for specific situations.

HR management

Our HR management software comes with various facilities for current and historical management of healthcare staff data, documents, qualifications, contracts and skills. It enables you to store employee information in one central database while offering a comprehensive overview of employee records.

Virtual terminal

Our virtual terminal feature enables healthcare employees to clock in and out with ease using assigned PIN numbers. These numbers can be set and managed through a module within Nextra to give you both centralised control and customisation.


Reporting capabilities are essential for healthcare organisations. They enable them to monitor trends and make informed decisions. This software provides customised reports and insights which can help you make improvements within your organisation and plan more strategically.

Why choose Nextra?

Nextra is a comprehensive workforce management solution that helps healthcare organisations optimise the way they deal with time and attendance, rostering, HR, self-service, demand rostering, payroll, and more. We have almost a quarter of a century’s worth of experience, with our platform being used by the UK’s Top 100 companies to process, HR, clock-ins, rotas and payroll. We aim to help you reduce staff costs by up to 27% and work closely with healthcare clients to ensure their needs are met.

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Build rotas quickly

A single point of entry for all staff data reduces errors that occur between disparate systems. Publish rotas weeks or months in advance and banish rotas produced on Excel that can get lost easily. Improved visibility of live data for KPI and reporting and track changes to rotas including visibility of staff viewing changes on self-servic

Rapid staff deployment

Utilise only qualified, available, and appropriate staff who are safe and legal to work. Identify the most suitable agencies based on available skills and quality of previously provided staff.

Resolve shortfalls

Quickly identify and resolve staff shortfalls so if someone calls in sick, the system will identify a suggested list of possible qualified candidates to replace them or alternatively offer via SMS to staff for overtime or LIEU.

Simple time recording

Nextra is fully integrated with multiple time recording options to ensure that all staff are accurately paid for their time.

Options include biometric or swipe card terminals, mobile-based clock in for remote staff, clocking via the manager’s tablet, or self-service clock in for authorised users.

Comprehensive HR

Gather all your staff data into a single system including all documents, visa’s work permits, certificates, and qualifications. All sensitive data is encrypted both in transit and at rest and comprehensive access controls limit viewing to suitable managers only.

Resolve shortfalls

Quickly identify and resolve staff shortfalls so if someone calls in sick, the system will identify a suggested list of possible qualified candidates to replace them or alternatively offer via SMS to staff for overtime or LIEU.

The Benefits of eRosteringOptimizing your healthcare team’s scheduling is essential for any organization looking to ensure that they are providing quality care at all times.

Thankfully, Healthcare workforce management software like Nextra makes this process easier than ever before by allowing managers to quickly search through available personnel based on specified criteria such as skill sets and availability while also tracking employee performance over time.

The comprehensive overview of employee performance provided by this tool also helps managers identify areas where additional training may be required or more resources might be allocated in order to improve overall efficiency within their organization.

By utilizing the power of Nextra, managers can rest assured knowing that their healthcare teams will have the right skills and availability when needed most!

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