HR Management software includes a wide range of facilities for current and historical management of staff data, documents, qualifications, skills, contracts and notes

Human resources departments have a lot of responsibilities and to-dos, including the current and historical management of staff data, documents, qualifications, skills, and contracts. This can certainly be a challenge for many companies in terms of time management and organization. But that’s where Nextra comes in! Let’s break down how we can help with all your HR pain points.

What is Nextra HR Management software?

Nextra provides cloud-based software solutions to help manage Human resources teams more efficiently. Our platform streamlines the entire process by allowing you to store employee information in one central database while offering a comprehensive overview of employee records. It even has an automated document generator so you can quickly generate personalized documents like contracts, job descriptions, offer letters, and more. This helps to reduce paperwork and save time for your HR team.

Nextra also offers payroll management features such as managing salary changes and tracking leave days. Additionally, our software provides performance reviews that allow you to measure employee performance over time. This helps keep track of employee progress which ensures that everyone is performing at their best and meeting the required goals set by the company.

Finally, Nextra has reporting tools that allow you to easily access up-to-date information about employees at any given time. You can view important data like absenteeism rates or turnover rates without needing to manually search through employee records or compile reports yourself. All this data can be used to make better decisions when it comes to hiring new employees or making changes within the company’s policies or procedures.

  • Full hierarchy configuration to model the software around your specific organisation.
  • Store all appraisals within a single solution, making it easier for employees to see progress and track their development without asking the Human resources team.
  • A single solution for holding all information on current employees and those who are leaving, becoming the single source for HR teams and managers.
  • Empower your employees with complete visibility of their salary, compensation, and the benefits available to them.
  • A single point of entry for all staff data reduces errors that occur between disparate systems.
  • Employees can book themselves onto courses directly from self-service.
  • View which venues and rooms are available on specific dates, making course planning stress-free.
  • Filter reports to view age, gender, ethnicity, and more detailed employee analysis.
  • Full skills and competency management component to ensure compliant scheduling of all staff.

At Nextra, our goal is to provide businesses with an easier way to manage their HR departments without sacrificing accuracy or quality of service. Our cloud-based software solutions are designed with convenience in mind so that businesses can focus less on paperwork and more on nurturing their people and building a successful organization together! For any questions about our services or how we can help you simplify your HR process, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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Connects seamlessly to your apps

Make your integrations between your favorite apps seamless. We connect directly with calendars and payroll systems. We have open API’s to integrate with ERP and ESR systems.  

Calendar Integration

Make your daily rosters, and absence activities like booking holidays, events and meetings run smoother with external shared calendars.

Microsoft Outlook

Connect to Microsoft Outlook for a native app feel.

iCal &
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We integrate with
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