What’s new

 New features and roadmap for up-and-coming Nextra versions

4.2.4 release end of 2023

Nextra 4.2.4 rebuilt the Quick entry screen and MyTeam Rota

4.2.3 released September 2023

Nextra 4.2.3 includes Facial ID for clock in and out. Updated reports, UI, and speed improvements.

4.2 released August 2023

Nextra 4.2 new and updated UI with a mobile-optimised layout. Standardised reporting across all modules.

4.1.1  released July 2022

New in Nextra version 4.1.1  notification to employees of shift changes via email and SMS, self-service updates with the ability to clock in via mobile devices.

4.1. released February 2022

Launched in February 4.1 gives more performance and database optimisation,  time Sheet generation enhancements, and new absence booking features.