Our events management software offers a wealth of benefits for organisations based in the events industry. It makes it easier for firms to deal with workforce management, scheduling, compliance, payroll and rostering. Nextra can help events managers save a great deal of time and money whilst providing them with a great deal of clarity and automation.

Our software simplifies communication between managers and employees whilst helping them to keep disputes to a minimum. It also comes with reporting and analytics features that enable events personnel to make better, more informed decisions.

Let’s take a look at some of the key advantages of using Nextra for events management right now.

Time and attendance

Precise time and attendance tracking are essential for events management. Our software protects accuracy when tracking shifts and overtime, ensuring you remain fully compliant with labour laws and payroll processes are accurate. This keeps the administrative burden to a minimum and enables you to focus on delivering exceptional and unforgettable events.

Employee self-service

Nextra gives your staff the freedom to manage shifts, request leave and update their personal information whenever necessary. It improves communication and transparency between events employees and managers to keep misunderstandings to a minimum so they can concentrate on the task in hand.

Absence management

Unexpected absences can cause big problems within the events industry, especially when time is of the essence. However, the absence management feature enables you to maintain seamless planning and execution whilst ensuring absent team members are covered. It can help you deliver quality events even when unforeseen staffing challenges emerge.


Nextra enables you to optimise staff deployment through smart rostering. It ensures that the right people are in the right place at all times and at that the right skills are available when you need them the most. This boosts the overall efficiency of your organisation.

Skills management

The skills management feature helps you effectively manage the diverse skills that are required by your events business. It enables you to maintain a comprehensive record of your events employee’s skills, certificates and training so you can ensure the right staff are working at and on your events.

HR Management

Centralise the management of staff data, documents, qualifications, contracts and skills with our HR management software for events companies. Nextra gives you a comprehensive overview of employee records, making your HR processes more efficient

Virtual terminal

The virtual terminal facility streamlines the processes of clocking in and out. Employees are assigned their own unique PIN numbers, whilst events managers are given centralised control customisation options to manage time more effectively.


Nextra also gives you access to customised reports and insights to help you make better, more informed events management decisions. It also helps you to monitor trends and plan more strategically.

Electronic RosteringBy utilizing the power of Nextra, managers can rest assured knowing that their teams will have the right skills and availability when needed most!

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