Demand rostering software delivers a host of benefits for quality workforce management. It makes it easier for you to align your staffing levels with demand and avoid both understaffing and overstaffing. It can help you save money by keeping unnecessary labour costs to a minimum whilst boosting overall productivity.

The Demand Engine also benefits employees in that it helps you to create more predictable schedules, minimise last-minute changes and increase flexibility.  Another key benefit of demand rostering software is that it can help you remain compliant with regulations around labour, overtime and breaks.

Bespoke Workforce Management Software

Demand Rostering allows you to make real-time adjustments so you can meet unexpected demand and maintain operational efficiency.

Valuable insights, better decisions

Demand rostering software also comes with analytics which give you valuable insights. These make it easier for you to make informed decisions. The software also promotes clearer communication to reduce misunderstandings. It can be integrated with other systems and is a suitable match for organisations from various industries.

If you are seeking out demand rostering software that will boost your efficiency, reduce costs and enhance overall workforce satisfaction, Nextra is for you. We can provide you with access to a user-friendly, customisable application with various features including shift pattern management, absence management, budget information and much more.

Why move to Nextra?

Many businesses are still generating their rotas via the use of Excel spreadsheets. You may be amazed to learn just how many organisations are managing rosters by simply printing off rotas and sticking them to the walls of their business premises. However, this approach can cause far too many mistakes to be made as well as a great deal of confusion, which can have a devastating impact on workplace morale. Nextra can modernise your rostering processes can keep costly mistakes to an absolute minimum.

Why should you use our demand rostering software?

Our software can assist you with various managerial tasks. It can help you benefit from vast processing power whilst preventing confirmation bias. The forecasting engines our software is built upon use elaborate algorithms which can learn from history and predict future events with high precision. It can also help you to streamline time-consuming pay processes into one automated system to save you time and prevent mistakes.

The key benefits of our demand rostering software

  • Produces rosters that are both efficient as well as fully compliant with WTD and Contractual requirements alongside industry-specific legislation
  • Balances rosters by taking into account all client rules and regulations plus employee data and preferences to produce fairer, more balanced rosters
  • More accurate matching of resources against demand
  • Place the best people in the right places at the right times whilst improving customer service and satisfaction
  • Automatic roster production to save administration time and effort

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