Bank & Overtime module allows employees to add their availability for when shifts become available.

Managing overtime can be rather challenging for employers, particularly when they have multiple employees and departments to oversee. Thankfully, Nextra offers an overtime management module which makes it much easier for you to streamline your overtime processes. This removes much of the complexity from monitoring and managing your workforce

What exactly is a software management system?

A software management system or SMS is an online platform that’s designed to help employers to track and manage their employee data. This data can relate to work hours, annual leave, payslips and information on employee performance. Other features can include time tracking, project management tools and analytics which give you quick access to vital data about your employees.

How can an SMS help me manage overtime?

Overtime is a vital aspect of your financial situation. It can also be one of the toughest to manage. However, Nextra can make managing overtime much more simple and cost-effective. It enables you to track your employee hours in real-time and gives you up-to-date analytics on the productivity and performance of your employees. If you’re looking for a solution that will take the guesswork from overtime cost management, Nextra is for you.

Nextra enables you to set thresholds for when overtime requests need to be approved or denied and will also allow you to quickly find out if employees are working too many hours or may require extra training or support to boost their performance. It also enables you to customise time tracking settings for each of your departments or teams so each employee knows exactly what is expected of them in terms of overtime rules and regulations.

Key benefits of our overtime management software

Nextra offers businesses a host of benefits including improved payroll processing accuracy and efficiency. It will give you real-time insights into current and past employee data to help you oversee your workforce and ensure you’re complying with labour laws. It can do all this whilst helping you cut the cost of manually tracking your employee hours.

If you need an effective way to manage your company’s overtime practices more efficiently and cost-effectively, investing in Nextra is a must.

A clearer insight

Our software also enables employees to quickly find out which shifts are available for work. Once an employee expresses an interest in working a shift, you will be notified. You will then be able to either approve or reject this request. The module can filter shifts to ensure only qualified, appropriate and safe-to-work employees can request specific shifts.

What to expect from our overtime module

  • An in-built solution for the effective management of resource gaps where client resources have been exhausted and bank or agency staff are required
  • Messaging capabilities via email and text messages to ensure staff can be sourced for shifts, even at short notice
  • Rules for highlighting and allocating shifts for bank/agency consideration can be easily defined
  • The solution can be made accessible to a third-party to streamline the offering of, allocation of and invoicing of required shifts
  • Employees can register their interest in available shifts subject to approval from managers
  • Employees are only able to view shifts they have the qualifications or experience for

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