At Nextra, we offer a suite of HR software solutions to support companies from various industries, particularly organisations based in healthcare, events management and construction.

The solutions that we offer boost efficiency and deliver the clarity that you need. Let’s take a look at how our features can meet the needs of organisations based in these sectors right now.

Event Management

Creating and planning events can be tricky, especially when you require different sectors within each event. Nextra provides a solution that can help event management companies to track budgets for each sector of the event, along with scheduling qualified staff with the skills required for each sector. The system also allows you to manage permanent and agency staff simultaneously at the same event.

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Marine & Ferries

Nextra provides a highly comprehensive system for the management of marine and support staff. The Nextr solution includes all the necessary facilities to be able to manage muster and service levels on vessels as well as the requirements necessary for handling docking, loading, and departures of vessels, including freight and tourist traffic management.


Nextra also offers a variety of benefits to companies and organisations based in the healthcare sector. In healthcare, staff shortages can have big consequences. The Absence Management feature gives healthcare managers real-time visibility and allows for quick adjustments to minimise the impact of absences on patient care.

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Working in healthcare is a big responsibility and often requires people to work around the clock to the best of their ability. Nextra provides the tools to enable that to happen by allowing you to build rosters with no complications. One-click to switch between different locations allows you to assign employees to work at multiple locations.

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In the world of construction, project timelines are paramount. Our rostering feature ensures resources are allocated efficiently, with factors like availability and location being taken into account. Demand rostering aligns staffing levels of project demands to help you prevent labour inefficiencies and boost overall productivity.

Construction projects often require specific skills. The Skills Management module can help construction managers to identify skills gaps and identify training opportunities so your team is fully equipped for the task in hand.

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Retail & Wholesale

The retail industry is fast-paced and no time should be wasted manually building schedules and creating reports. We all know that the industry never stops and NEXTRA provides a rostering system that can supply unique shifts patterns that include special days such as bank holidays and overtime at a multitude of rates. We can also keep track of time, attendance and annual leave for thousands of staff

Bank & Agency

Nextra’s bank & agency solution allows you to manage teams of staff, both internally and externally to your organisation. Nextra allows the full management of pay and charge rates, and the option for customers to be able to log onto the system and provide valuable feedback about how they found it working with your staff.