Advantage NRG is a specialist, labour-only, sub-contractor using its own skilled labour force to build and maintain electrical transmission systems. Working in self-sufficient teams of 6 or 7 to undertake wiring/re-wiring tasks.

Nextra will be helping them optimise, streamline, and automate some very complex rostering and pay rules. Having tried numerous off-the-shelf software, Advantage NRG came to realise that only a custom-configured solution could handle their complex requirements.

Nextra is working closely with the Advantage NRG team to build custom T&A and payroll rules, removing bottlenecks and processing Overtime, TOIL, and shift patterns.

The custom solution will include a new Mobile APP for their team to view project work, submit timesheets, and request absences. Integrations to Payroll and HR systems will be put in place to provide further automation as part of a staged implementation.

We’re looking forward to bringing software innovation to Advantage NRG, working together to achieve a Workforce platform worthy of all the hard work being put in by both teams.