Get the Most Out of Your Workforce with a Customised WFM Solution

If you’re tired of using multiple pieces of software to manage your staff and workforce, it may be time to look into a customised WFM solution. Nextra is the most customisable WFM solution on the market, with features such as HR management, people management, time and attendance tracking, electronic rostering, skills management, timesheets, and payroll export. This one-stop solution allows you to make the most out of your workforce without having to fumble around with separate systems.

What Does a Customised WFM Solution Do?
A customised WFM solution like Nextra can drastically improve your day-to-day operations by putting all the necessary tools in one place. With Nextra’s HR tools, you can easily manage employee records and documents from hire to retire. The powerful analytics engine allows you to view valuable insights into your workforce so that you can make informed decisions about staffing needs and other important matters. Additionally, Nextra’s automated scheduling tools allow for accurate forecasting which helps ensure that all shifts are staffed adequately.

Not an off-the-shelf solution!

No More Data Silos!
One of the key benefits of a customised WFM solution is that it eliminates data silos. By combining all of your workforce data into one unified system, you get a much clearer picture of what’s happening within your business. This enables managers to make more informed decisions while reducing costly errors due to manual processes or outdated systems. Plus, Nextra integrates seamlessly with existing systems such as payroll providers and HRIS solutions so that there’s no need for manual data entry or double handling of information—saving time and money while eliminating potential human errors.

Nextra is the perfect solution for any business looking to streamline their operations with an integrated workforce management system. Our customisable WFM solutions provide powerful analytics and automated scheduling tools which help businesses run more efficiently while reducing costs associated with manual processes or outdated systems. Let Nextra change the way you work for the better today!

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