Finding the right Time and Attendance system for your business can be a daunting process, with so many considerations to weigh up. But at Nextra we understand that cost is an important factor – which is why our modular cloud-based system allows you to scale precisely according to your needs. We offer support services designed around helping you find the optimal solution tailored towards what’s most important in terms of HR, Payroll, Staff Rostering, and Timesheet management: all while staying within budget! So let us help make this time more manageable by assisting you through each step till success.

Planning the perfect roster can be time-consuming, especially when you need to manage 50 users. At Nextra we make it easy – our standard module will get your staff up and running within days; or if more complexity is needed, use our powerful AI Demand Engine which gives precise shift scheduling with accurate pay grade calculations. Our pricing adapts accordingly so that every SME gets exactly what they need, starting from £5000 to £40000.

Our team takes the extra step to understand your unique needs and provides tailored solutions that can be modified for any shift pattern or contract payment rule. With Nextra Workforce Management, you have all of the tools necessary to handle overtime hours, bonus payouts, clock-ins, absence management as well as holiday requests with a single solution – so everything is automated efficiently! The best part? We do it all by keeping your business interests in mind.

Companies that require an enterprise-level solution should consider Nextra’s innovative Time and Attendance software. The SaaS model offers cost efficiency with a minimum of 500 users for the standard £100,000 (£100k) package – plus bespoke development days tailored to fit each organisation’s needs. For smaller operations, there is also the option to purchase ‘Buy As You Go’ modules or individual user licenses starting from just £12 per month – allowing businesses to expand as they grow without compromising performance and quality standards.

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