Taking time off from work is essential for both your mental and physical well-being. Studies have shown that staff who don’t use their entitled leave are more likely to become ill, exhibit signs of stress, and have lower productivity levels than those who do. But how do you nurture a healthy culture around taking time off?

Create a Space for Open Discussion
Creating an open discussion about the importance of taking time off is key to nurturing a healthy culture in the workplace. Discussing the benefits of taking regular breaks can help to create an understanding that it’s not only beneficial but necessary for employees to take some time away from work. Encouraging employees to talk openly with their manager or HR professionals about their plans for taking breaks can also help managers better manage workloads and ensure that everyone is able to take some well-deserved downtime.

Lead by Example
Leadership should be setting the standard when it comes to taking time off. Ensure that you’re modeling healthy behaviors with regards to taking regular vacations and leaving on time each day. This will show your team that it’s OK for them to take time away from work, as long as their workloads are managed accordingly. Additionally, research shows that employees that feel supported by their leadership tend to be more productive at work, so encouraging staff members to take regular holidays could actually lead to improved performance in the long run.

Provide Resources & Support
It’s important that each individual employee feels supported in taking breaks and has access to resources they need in order to ensure they come back feeling recharged and ready for work again. Consider providing information sessions or workshops on how best to plan a holiday, as well as providing additional support such as access to discounted travel deals or connected services such as house-sitting or pet-sitting while away on vacation. Providing these resources will make it easier for individuals – particularly those with dependents -to feel confident in taking the break they need without worrying about any loose ends being left behind at home or at work.

Taking time off from work is an essential part of maintaining physical and mental health in the workplace. By creating an open environment where this topic can be discussed freely, leading by example, and providing sufficient resources and support, organizations can nurture a positive culture around taking regular breaks away from work which ultimately leads not only healthier employees but higher productivity levels too!

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